"I have worked with Pearl Kaperl for many years on real estate transactions,  She has helped me with the buying and selling of homes and income property. With her expertise we sailed through 9 escrows.  When working with Pearl I always know that she is very knowledgeable and will steer around the pitfalls, and with her attention to detail no mistakes will be made.  She is utterly honest and trustworthy. Sometimes there are difficult people to deal with and Pearl handles these situations with finesse. The job always gets done and we have fun during the process".
- Sondra Schafer


"Pearl Kaperl was the purchasing agent when my husband and I bought our home in Academy Hill.  This was the first time I had purchased a house and was prepared for all the stress that I had heard from friends about purchasing a new home.  I was in for a pleasant surprise.  It was relatively stress free.  I felt that Pearl worked for the best interest of both the buyer and the seller.   Our relationship with Pearl did not end with the purchase.  She made sure to involve us in neighborhood activities and introduce us to other families with small children like our own.  She is the one of the most pleasant and positive ladies I know.  I would not even think of having another real estate agent represent our family should we decide to sell a home and strongly recommend doing business with Pearl for anyone who is given this opportunity.  I cannot say enough nice things about Pearl"!
- Edie Moore


"Pearl helped us with our special requirements such as high ceilings and a large yard".

"My sister and I, felt that landscaping was an important feature. Pearl pointed us into the right direction".

"We needed a cozy place and pearl found it for us".

"I felt very relaxed from the beginning to the happy ending of our transaction".

"I found the entire transaction a walk in the park".

"Anyone that chooses to buy or sell with Pearl is very wise to do so".